Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain. It’s sound needs no translation.  So beautiful. Peaceful. Calming. Much needed.  On days like this, I love to relax and reflect. Take the time to cleanse and rejuvenate.  It makes staying isolated and inside feel cozy.  It’s a wonderful way to spend a day off. An actual day off! An absolute blessing!  It’s a day to chill or enjoy other activities you love doing.  I know it definitely takes my mind off all the day to day stresses and helps me reflect on myself and what I need to change.  With all the unrest in our world today, I feel the rain somehow washes away all the pain from yesterday. It purifies our hearts and souls.  We can all agree that change has to happen and that humanity needs to wake up. We need to love one another, we are all human.  Will this change overnight? No.  But by banding together and supporting one another through these times of hardship and pain, we can make this world a better place.  This road to change is long, and at times can seem endless but we can do this. We can do better.  It’s time to keep looking forward, stay positive, help one another, love hard and be kind.  Even with all of life’s chaos, we can still appreciate the beauty of this world, like the rain.  It’s nature’s fresh start.  It can be our fresh start too. 

Be safe and take care my lovelies. Have a happy rainy day!  Until next time…..