NOT SURE WHAT TO WEAR FOR YOUR UPCOMING PHOTOSHOOT? Don’t you worry lovely. I am here for you, and I am going to share with you my top tips and tricks to help you pick out the PERFECT outfit for your upcoming session. You are the star(s) of the photoshoot so your clothing should not be a distraction or uncomfortable. Please see the below basic guideline on what to wear for your photoshoot (with the exception of weddings). The main objective is for you to feel comfortable in whatever condition we are working in, whether it's indoors or outdoors. Most importantly, to feel like yourself.


Tip #1 ~ Stick To Neutrals

This is the most common tip when planning your outfit and for a very good reason. I always highly recommend avoiding big logo shirts or incredibly bright colours. These elements create a distraction from the main event -- YOU! Sticking to neutrals will bring out your connection rather than aim the focus on what you're wearing.

Tip #2 ~ Dress Within Your Comfort Level

Wear clothing that not only reflects you, but clothes you will have no issues moving around in. At times, I ask my couples to run around and be playful. The last thing you want to worry about is your bra straps sticking out or your shirt riding up as a midriff top.

Tip #3 ~ Dress According To Location

Be aware of your surroundings, the weather and where the photoshoot will take place. If you are in a forest or mountain region, you would wear appropriate jackets & accessories to accentuate the setting, you may even add a toque. If it's springtime, ladies you might wear a cute floral dress paired with a denim jacket. You get the picture.

Tip #4 ~ Coordinate Not Match

Coordinate your outfits, rather than be matchy-matchy. Find colours or neutrals that compliment each other rather than wearing the same colours.

Tip #5 ~ Be Yourself

The number one tip I can give is to BE YOURSELF. These photos are about YOU and will reflect YOUR unique story. You know what you feel comfortable in so ROCK THAT OUTFIT and BE CONFIDENT! Don't be afraid to add a hat or jewelry. Hell, if you have tats let's show them off!!! Let's paint your story!


  • SPRING - Soft pastel colours & dresses will make the photos pop.
  • SUMMER - Wear a sun hat or stylize with a piece of jewelry (bracelets or rings).
  • FALL - Pair your outfit with a textured cardigan or scarf.
  • WINTER - Choose lighter/cooler colours such as blues, purples & greens to give it that extra crisp, winter feel.




  • MAXI DRESSES - These are a perfect choice as they are fitting yet flowy and will accentuate your beautiful baby bumps :)
  • Play around with at least two outfits and don't limit yourself to wearing a dress. Jeans and a nice fitted top are just as sharp as a fitted dress. THINK VARIETY!
  • SOLIDS ARE BEST. Patterns such as stripes or graphics can take away or be distracting to the main event -- YOUR BABY BUMP!
  • AVOID STRONG COLOURS!! Neutrals, jewel tones (depending on the season) and colours that do not blend in with the background are best and keep the focus on YOU rather than the attire.





Feel free to e-mail me if you are unsure about clothing or colour palettes. I am more than willing to help you pick the perfect outfits for your photoshoot! :)